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Transformative Leaders in Insurance Innovation

Although the insurance industry is a notoriously slow adopter to new technology and digital change, that might be changing. In a recent article, Digital Insurance has just named 26 leaders in insurance innovation. In fact, they noted that the “transformation of the insurance industry is continuing at a rapid rate, with new technologies being adopted across the value chain every day.” Those technologies include artificial intelligence, blockchain, drone technology, and biometrics.

“These innovations are all made possible by leaders who are willing to take risks and go against the inertia of a venerable sector,” writes Nathan Golia. We were very happy to see Glenn Shapiro, President, personal lines for Allstate, singled out in this list of innovators, as he was responsible for instigating several key digital solutions across the organization. We were also happy to see that Carpe Data was noted as one of those key digital solutions. Allstate engaged Carpe Data in the fall of 2017, and continues to see the benefit of Carpe Data’s ability to help them detect and prevent claims fraud.

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