Introducing ClaimsX Ultra: The next evolution in automated fraud detection and deterrence.

Bringing Online Data Into Focus for Insurance

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Superior Insurance Outcomes— Powered by Superior Intelligence

Carpe Data saves claims and underwriting teams millions of dollars and thousands of hours by automating and optimizing critical claims and underwriting workflows, blending cutting-edge artificial intelligence and advanced data science techniques with decades of industry expertise.

For Fraud Detection and Claim Processing

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Expand fraud detection and deterrence by 20x, validate customer info, and guide them to trusted vendors.


For Small Commercial Underwriting


Leverage the power of predictive data to quickly classify and evaluate 90% of insurable small business profiles.


Our Mission: Automate and Improve Insurance

Remarkable Efficiency Gains

Squeaky-Clean Data

AI Built Without Bias

Unlock 10x Insurance Claims and Underwriting Efficiency with Advanced Automation

In order to get the complete picture of a person or business, claims operations and underwriting teams spend thousands of hours sifting through mountains of data across millions of websites to make decisions informed by the best data available. Carpe Data eliminates this intensive and manual process with AI that flags and refines relevant online content and delivers it straight to your team.

Harness the potential of automation to transform your operations and join the world’s largest insurers who not only enjoy an average 10x ROI with Carpe Data, but revolutionize their claims and underwriting accuracy as well.

Trustworthy Data Drives Better Insurance Decisions

The only thing worse than no data is bad data. That’s why Carpe Data dedicates more resources than any other data provider in the industry, backed by rigorous data cleanliness practices including frequent data source audits, to ensure that insights are fresh, relevant, and accurate.

We make it our business to distill a mountain of information into consumable data points. Then we spend hours refining and analyzing it with insurance intent in mind. This means our data solves real insurance problems and adapts to your unique appetite and needs.

Scalable, Integrated, and Ethical Artificial Intelligence for Sophisticated Insurers

Carpe Data leverages the capabilities of large language models and cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionize insurance claims processing and small business underwriting. Built by diverse data science and engineering teams with a rigorous approach to eliminating bias in modeling, our superior intelligence empowers your teams to make more informed claims and underwriting decisions with insights embedded directly in their workflows.

Discover the true potential of intelligent automation as we sift through mountains of unrefined online data to glean previously untapped data across any (or every) open claim or policy in your system.

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