Next-Generation Data for Insurance

Harness the power of emerging and alternative data sources to unlock deeper levels of insight.


Commercial Data-as-a-Service

Immediately improve the accuracy of coverage underwriting for small and mid-size commercial companies across numerous lines of business while enhancing opportunities for automation and efficiency.

  • Carpe Data Classification System — Provides more accurate classification categories enabling insurers to gain a clear sense of the specific activities the business actually conducts
  • Risk Characteristics — An array of data points that identify current attributes of a business
  • Next-Generation Indexes and Scores — Predictive scoring mechanisms of various business dimensions made available by leveraging emerging and alternative data


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Claims Activity

A scalable solution for continuous search and analysis of web and social data to find actionable claimant insights and help carriers leverage this information in their claims handling and investigating process.

  • Confirms loss facts to aid in quicker resolution
  • Identifies exaggeration or inflation
  • Builds claimant profiles for future use
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing software and workflows


Accelerate & Automate

Carriers rely on efficiency to keep premiums low and attract new customers, but scaling a consistent and repeatable process across your organization with data this massive is daunting on your own. Accelerate and enable the automation of your business intake in a way that saves time and money, defines the attributes of a business with a greater degree of specificity, assesses risk more accurately, and improves your customer and agent experience.

Streamline Claims

With Carpe Data’s Claims Activity solution, you’re getting a full and clear picture on a claimant as it relates to their claim right from the start, allowing you to fast-track payments when the claim is legitimate or dig deeper when it may not be.

Continuous Monitoring

Businesses aren’t static and your insurance and service strategies shouldn’t be either. Harness the power of dynamic online data to proactively define, assess, and monitor your book of business - uncover new exposures, coverage, product upsell or loss prevention advice opportunities, general service capabilities, and more.

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