With our data products, carriers can:


Accelerate & Improve Underwriting

Save time and money. Improve customer experience.


Spend Less on External Data

Avoid unnecessary reports. Reduce underwriting expense.


Streamline Claims & Reduce Fraud

Fast track payments. Identify fraudulent claims.


The Opportunity

28 Million

28 MillionThe number of small businesses in the USA

The vast majority of small businesses are unlikely to have a robust commercial credit profile and therefore require a different set of underwriting tools to evaluate them. Carpe Data’s commercial solution provides data prefill, data validation and commercial risk scores to help facilitate small and micro business automated underwriting.

96 Percent

96 Percent96% of insurers say that the digitally enabled world will see the emergence of new rating factors.

100 Percent

100 PercentThe likely percentage of insurers that are affected by claims fraud in both personal and commercial lines.

Carpe Data’s unique comprehensive claims fraud engine positions our customers to stop claims fraud at an early stage by utilizing burgeoning sources of social and web data.

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