Carpe Data

Using proprietary algorithms and proven AI, Carpe Data harnesses the power of emerging and alternative data for insurance carriers around the globe.

Accelerate & Improve Underwriting

Save time and money while improving the customer experience. Assess risk more accurately. Some would call this a win-win.

Continuously Monitor Risk

Businesses aren’t static and neither are their risk profiles. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to harness the power of dynamic online data to proactively monitor the businesses you insure.

Streamline Claims & Reduce Fraud

One hundred percent of insurers are affected by claims fraud. Now you’ll be able to identify fraudulent claims and fast-track payments for the legitimate ones.

Our Products

Our data products provide a broader perspective on risk profiles than traditional data points alone. Each product can be used independently, or together in various use cases throughout the insurance life cycle. Totally up to you.

Risk Characteristics

Access a range of standard underwriting application questions

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Next Generation Indexes

Add a new, more predictive dimension of data to your risk assessment profile

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Predictive Scores

Use our data scores to forecast a specific outcome

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Current Landscape

The insurance industry is rapidly shifting to meet changing customer needs and behaviors. Our transformational data products enable carriers to assess risk with an entirely new lens.

What Sets Us Apart?

Needle-in-a-haystack data.

We’re a comprehensive solution for insurance carriers when it comes to harnessing and refining emerging data. We take a fresh approach by leveraging a multidisciplinary approach to pinpoint and analyze thousands of sources and data points.

Refined Data

We take the massive arena of unstructured, alternative data and refine it into actionable insights for specific use cases. Instead of inconsistent or spotty datasets, our products are something insurance carriers can actually utilize.

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