About Us

A fierce group of highly-dedicated data and industry experts, our team of savants have their sights set on transforming the insurance world, one quote, policy, and claim at a time.

About Carpe Data

Providing insurance companies with next generation data solutions, Carpe Data gathers and refines a range of emerging and alternative data sources that spans social media, online content, and everything in between. The result? Insurers gain a deeper insight of risks, enhancing all facets of the insurance lifecycle.

A Different Approach

Headquartered in sunny Santa Barbara, California, the Carpe Data crew is comprised of top-tier talent from the software and insurance sectors. Having spent the last fifteen years operating with the shared goal of innovating the insurance industry, our founders are committed to delivering unique data, legally, while continually keeping consumer privacy top-of-mind.

You can rest assured that we always adhere to the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and are compliant with federal and state law.