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Using data to drive claims automation, ClaimsX creates efficiencies across the claims lifecycle that greatly reduce cycle time and expenses while improving the user experience. Whether validating identity, enriching claimant information or confirming loss facts and details, ClaimsX helps your team deliver the right touch, every time. From FNOL through settlement, the entire claims team benefits from access to previously unknown data.


Automated Decisioning

The right touch, every time

Claimant Scoring

Assess the trustworthiness of claimants to quickly identify low-risk claims, reduce end-to-end cycle times, and get the most relevant insights for your claim handling strategy. Claimants are processed in real-time at first notice of loss. The Claimant Score can be used on its own or incorporated into larger carrier models.

Proprietary Model Development

Make the most of your data by combining it with ours for personalized models that fit your needs. Hone in on specific features to assess for further lift or apply it widely across your models for general enhancement and insight.

Risk Factors of the Future

Predictive data also highlights additional characteristic and associations to determine a claimant’s overall risk. This data includes:

  • Web presence
  • Social network data
  • Email data, velocity, and engagement
  • Interests
  • Cell phone details
  • Professional skills

Data Enrichment

Additive next-gen data points enhance and supplement the data provided at FNOL. The enriched data can be used in numerous ways, from aiding in more effective customer outreach and claim validation to augmenting internal decisioning models, the possibilities for increased efficiency are endless.

Additive Data

  • Providers
  • Attorney
  • Physician
  • Repair Facilities
  • Office Location/s
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Specializations

Vehicle Information

  • Location of sale
  • Frequency of sale
  • Location of owner
  • Granular feature detail
  • Aftermarket add-ons
  • Identify Prior Damage
  • Proximity—Sale/Accident
  • Calculate Replacement Cost


  • Validation
  • Flagging Suspicious Claims at FNOL
  • Scoring
  • Quality
  • Reputation
  • Complaints
  • Proximity to Claimant
  • Link Analysis

Claims Monitoring Simplified

A scalable solution for continuous search and analysis of web and social data to find actionable claimant insights and help carriers leverage this information in their claims handling and investigating process.

  • FNOL
  • Adjuster Received Claim
  • Reserving
  • Evaluation
  • Demand
  • Negotiation/
  • Settlement

A complete data profile from open to close

Our insights help insurers:

  • Confirm loss facts
  • Impact reserves
  • Identify exaggeration or inflation
  • Build a profile on a claimant for future use

Claims Lifecycle

Claims Processing is Evolving—Are You?

People move quickly, and so does their data. Through real-time claims monitoring, carriers ensure that they’re finding all relevant information about the right claimants in a digital environment as dynamic as our own.

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