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The most innovative insurance companies are leveraging new sources of data to create a faster, more dynamic claims experience. Tap into a continuous stream of data throughout the lifecycle of a claim to uncover insights that predict, find, and confirm relevant claimant information.


Claims Monitoring Simplified

A scalable solution for continuous search and analysis of web and social data to find actionable claimant insights and help carriers leverage this information in their claims handling and investigating process.

  • FNOL
  • Adjuster Received Claim
  • Reserving
  • Evaluation
  • Demand
  • Negotiation/
  • Settlement

A complete data profile from open to close

Our relevant findings are flagged and alerted on claims to impact throughout the entire dynamic life cycle.

Our insights help carriers to:

  • Confirm loss facts
  • Impact reserves
  • Identify exaggeration or inflation
  • Build a profile on a claimant for future use

Claims Lifecycle

Claims Processing is Evolving—Are You?

People move quickly, and so does their data. Through real-time claims monitoring, carriers ensure that they’re finding all relevant information about the right claimants in a digital environment as dynamic as our own.

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Month 1

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Month 2

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Month 3

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