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Using data to drive claims automation, ClaimsX creates efficiencies across the claims lifecycle that greatly reduce cycle time and expenses, while improving the customer experience.


Actionable Insights from Open to Close

With more than 5 million claimants processed by ClaimsX to date, it’s proven to have a significant impact on claims handling.

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Claimant Fast Track: How Much Can Be Confirmed About Your Claimant?

Designed to automate the categorization of claims after FNOL, Claimant Fast Track leverages our proprietary list of more than 500 features to score each claimant on a scale of one to 100. In seconds, this off-the-shelf score is applied, aiding in the segmentation of claims based on your business’s unique propensity for risk. With claims automatically segmented, your low-risk claims can be expedited, leaving more time for those that need your handler’s expertise.

  • Automate Handling
  • Improve Efficiencies
  • Reduced Loss Cost + Improved Customer Experience

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Claimant Profile: Validate and Confirm Identity With Speed and Precision

Claimant Profile uses previously unknown data to drive automation and improve operational efficiencies. Once in place, identity verification and robust claimant profiles come together in seconds, not days. By accessing previously unknown data, you can proactively validate information, rather than rely on the claimant to provide it. And with a more complete picture, efficiencies can be uncovered and actualized.

  • Data Enrichment for Improved Customer Experience
  • Improved Claimant Profile Accuracy
  • Reduced Cycle Time

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Claimant Activity: What Do We Know About Your Loss? Does This Confirm or Dispute Your Claim?

Empowering claims handlers, Claimant Activity uses current and reliable evidence-based data to corroborate or dispute loss factors. With access to millions of sources, it also continuously monitors real-time claimant activity and alerts you when new, actionable insights are found. With Claimant Activity in place, adjusters can make faster and more consistent decisions to reduce the cycle time, better manage loss and ultimately better deliver the claim outcome. This data includes:

  • Improved Loss Facts + Details Confirmation
  • Improve Cycle Time + Customer Experience
  • Loss Cost Accuracy

Let's Take a Look at ClaimsX in Action

Our Insights Help Insurers:

  • Confirm loss facts
  • Impact reserves
  • Identify exaggeration or inflation
  • Build a profile on a claimant for future use

Claims Lifecycle

Claims Processing is Evolving—Are You?

People move quickly, and so does their data. Through real-time claims monitoring, carriers ensure that they’re finding all relevant information about the right claimants in a digital environment as dynamic as our own.

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Are You Ready to Enrich Your Claimant Profiles, Automate Decisioning and Proactively Monitor Claims?

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