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Award-winning monitoring technology and cutting-edge AI join forces to give adjusters the total context for all claims in one powerful tool.

The next evolution in insurance fraud detection has arrived: Introducing ClaimsX Ultra

In a digital world where fraudsters continuously adapt, ClaimsX Ultra is the essential tool for comprehensive insurance claims processing, offering evidence-based alerts, enriched customer data from FNOL to settlement and vendor risk analysis. ClaimsX Ultra detects fraud earlier, enhances customer experience, and streamlines operations, making your goals to “Do more with less” actually achievable.

Half of the top 10 US insurers already see an average 10x, many-million dollar ROI with ClaimsX– imagine what is possible with ClaimsX Ultra:

  • Evidence-Based Alerts for All Claim Types – From auto collision and workers comp to general liability and more, ClaimsX Ultra streamlines processing, reduces delays, and collects evidence to prevent fraud before online information is scrubbed. Historically available for bodily injury claims, Ultra expands these capabilities to include APD, workers comp, GL claims and more.
  • Validated FNOL and Customer Insights – Provides a smoother customer experience, lowers operating costs tied to manual research, and deters minor fraud in the process.
  • Vendor Risk Analysis – Reduces provider fraud incidents directing claimants to trusted vendors known for customer success, therefore reducing claim costs and research time improving the overall experience.

What’s New with ClaimsX Ultra?

ClaimsX Ultra Benefits at a Glance:

Leverage the power of evidence-based monitoring to enhance your claims strategy.

Fraud Detection and Deterrence


Thanks to early fraud detection and deterrence for every claim at FNOL

Holistic View of All Claims


Reduce time spent validating facts with a holistic view of all claims

Superior Customer Experience


Fewer questions, faster processing, greater context, trusted vendors

ClaimsX Ultra Product Overview Comparison

Feature ClaimsX ClaimsX Ultra
Online Alerts Yes Yes
Vendor Insights No Yes
Identity Scoring No Yes
Claim Insights No Yes