Tearsheet: How Allstate is Using Online Data to Check Claims

After Allstate’s announcement on November 17th about collaborating with Carpe Data, Tearsheet reported about what this means for the insurance industry. They note that although Allstate had already been viewing public social media profiles to confirm and corroborate information regarding a claim, “until now, it’s been a time-consuming and expensive process.”

Before Allstate engaged Carpe Data for our automated solutions, claim adjusters would have to manually search through social media profiles on their own. George Naftzinger, Allstate’s Director of Claims, is quoted in the article as saying, “Because of the amount of information out there, it’s very time-consuming for an individual to do that type of search — there’s a lot of irrelevant information you have to sort through. Carpe Data is bringing in a more focused, scalable approach to look for certain things.”

Mr. Naftzinger also notes in the article that Carpe Data can run a more focused search for specific data that allows Allstate to corroborate a claim or determine whether the information conflicts with the claim.

“This is the most public announcement that I can recall, and that’s what makes it significant — because insurance companies tend to run in a pack,” said Michael Fitzgerald, senior analyst at Celent.

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