Commercial Business Data for Insurance

The Minerva data suite delivers relevant, accurate and predictive data to insurance carriers which allows them to better classify and evaluate commercial businesses.

  • Proprietary data on 85-90% of insurable small businesses across all industries
  • Continuously updated while ensuring data quality and consistency
  • Hundreds of unique data points, curated by segment and line of business, on over 40M businesses
  • Available via sub-second API or by “brick” of data to host in house

Here are just a few ways the Minerva data suite delivers value across the insurance lifecycle.

  • New Business Intake

    • Qualification
    • Conditional Questioning
    • Coverages
  • Renewal Assessment

    • Guideline Validation
    • Changes to Business
    • Automate Non-Renewal
  • Risk Profile Targeting

    • Upsell/Cross-sell
    • Target Marketing
  • Pricing and Rating

    • Modeling
    • Rating Factors
    • Discretionary Pricing
  • Internal Controls

    • Loss Control
    • Product Development
    • Underwriter & Distribution Performance

See Minerva in Action


Let’s take a closer look at The Minerva Data Suite


Classification Profiles

Is it a bar? A bowling alley? Maybe both?

Each year, small commercial insurers leave millions on the table due to business misclassification – a reliable solution was needed. With Minerva’s classification profiles, accurate and consistent data powers the precision of your classifications. Integrating seamlessly into your models, you can confidently assign NAICS, SIC or your own codes.

What does this mean for your business?

Here are just a few of the benefits we’ve identified when using Minerva’s Classification Profiles:
Increase Classification Accuracy

Improvement in classification means your book better reflects your actual risk

Better Underwriting

Access to accurate information, not previously leveraged, means more insightful underwriting and pricing

Accelerated Processing

Automatically validate applications to save time and money, while greatly improving the customer experience


Business Characteristics

Does Your Landscaper Climb Trees? Does Your Contractor Also Work on Plumbing?

We understand each business carries its own unique level of potential risk. We also know businesses are dynamic, and often expand as trends emerge and the market shifts. However, identifying what these risks and changes really are has traditionally been a time consuming, expensive, and manual process.

With Minerva, we’re taking a multi-dimensional approach to uncover the current characteristics of a business that are predictive of insurance outcomes. In other words, we’re giving you data that paints a more accurate picture of what is actually going on inside a business.

Why does this matter?

Because the benefits you can expect as a result will change the way you approach your business and your prospects.
Prevent Adverse Selection

Actively select for the businesses with attributes you want, and leave the rest behind

Stop Premium Leakage

Never miss an opportunity to apply the right limits and coverages

Accelerated Processing

Proactively verify information and only ask applicants the most relevant questions

Upsell/Cross-sell Opportunities

Unlock opportunities to expand coverage by uncovering previously unknown business attributes


Scores & Indexes

What Are Customers and Employees Actually Saying About This Business?

Where Classification Profiles and Business Characteristics classify and describe a business, Scores & Indexes are designed to continuously and consistently measure and predict.

Granting carriers an entirely new perspective on business performance, Minerva distills our robust proprietary data into a suite of predictive and reliable indexes you can count on.

  • Visibility Index

    Measures an entity’s online presence based on social media, availability of contact information, popularity and outreach.

  • Customer Rating Index

    Combines and normalizes the ratings a business accumulates from customers from various sources, enabling insurers to effectively measure and consume this powerful indicator of consumer satisfaction.

  • Reputation Index

    Quantifies the discussion of a business using the content and context of online feedback.

  • Health & Sanitation Index

    Leverages employee and customer feedback to gather key indicators of experiences relating to health issues and sanitary conditions of a business property.

  • Maintenance & Condition Index

    Provides insight that can indicate business health, the presence of specific risks, or a useful indicator to prompt risk mitigation intervention.

Designed to be the underwriting and rating factors of the future, the suite of indexes are tuned by business segment and geography. Used alone or incorporated into an existing flow, they further inform your underwriting and pricing strategies. Here are a few of the many benefits you can expect when using Minerva Scores & Indexes:

Competitive Advantage

Access to entirely new data points that are not currently being leveraged in the industry

Predict Outcomes

New set of variables to apply against your current and future policies to infer risk and select for the right new business or renewal submissions


Present new ways to look at similar businesses so you can target those that fit your appetite and price

Outprice Competition

Use in a range of pricing options from discretionary discounts to filed rating elements

Precision Underwriting

Identify high performing businesses that can be fast-forwarded through your process

The Process

Getting Started is Easy

  • Decide What Data You Want

    Identify the name and address of the business. Then, you have the option of requesting data for one or multiple businesses, an entire region or segment, or you can have it all.

  • Transfer Data Instantly

    Fulfilling our mission of eliminating workflow, we can transfer data via sub-second API or batch.

  • Get Straight to Work

    Once data is received, it easily integrates with existing systems to identify key attributes of the business’s operations, services, products and physical location.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Underwriting Process?

Let us show you how the Minerva Data Suite allows you to better classify and evaluate commercial businesses by delivering relevant, accurate and predictive data.