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Accelerate small business underwriting with proprietary intelligencethat extracts only the most predictive online data and transforms theminto actionable insights for your team.

Our revolutionary data products help insurance carriers do two things—drive automation and improve outcomes.

Minerva is a proprietary store of more than 45 million active business records which allows insurers to better classify, describe, and select commercial risks. By sourcing emerging, unique data elements and applying AI and other machine learning, the Minerva data suite extracts relevant, accurate and predictive data elements associated with a given business to significantly accelerate the underwriting process.

  • Proprietary data on 90% of insurable small businesses across all industries.
  • Hundreds of unique data points, curated by segment and line of business, on over 40M businesses.
  • Continuously updated while ensuring data quality and consistency.
  • Available via sub-second API.

Why Should We Consider Minerva?

Minerva Product Categories


Accurate and consistent data to power the precision of your classification.


Uncovers current characteristics of a business to better analyze risk

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Measures and predicts various impacts of business performance.

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