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Insurance Times: Carriers Who Fail to Engage InsureTechs Will Be Left Behind


The U.K.’s Insurance Times recently wrote an article about the Oxbow Partners‘ annual InsurTech Impact 25, noting the InsureTech companies most likely to have the biggest impact on the insurance industry, and sends a warning to carriers slow to adopt this new technology.

“Its findings suggest that even though a majority of InsurTech companies have ‘pivoted’ from attacking distribution to offering a service to insurers, if insurers are not willing to invest in start-ups, then this could lead to the “laggards” losing out,” writes Jennifer Frost of the Insurance Times.

In the Oxbow Partners’ top 25 report, data and analytics InsureTech companies feature prominently, and their chosen competitors in this area are Atidot, Cape Analytics, Carpe Data, Cytora, Digital Fineprint, Flock, Geospatial Insight and Insurdata.

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