COO Geoff Andrews Showcases Carpe Data’s Product at DIA Amsterdam

Last month, Carpe Data COO Geoff Andrews was back on the Digital Insurance Agenda stage, this time in The Netherlands’ Amsterdam. In a new TED Talk-style Show & Tell presentation, Geoff presented Carpe Data’s Claims Activity solution to over 1,000 attendees at the DIA Amsterdam conference.

In his presentation, Geoff addressed “opportunistic fraud”, which is what occurs when a claimant has a legitimate claim, but present false information in order to extend or increase the benefit. “This can be as simple as exaggerating the extent of an injury in order to receive a larger claim payment or misrepresenting their ability to work,” Geoff stated. “Opportunistic fraud is the most common type of fraud, and it’s the most challenging to detect.”

Geoff walked the audience through Carpe Data’s internal user interface, using our CEO, Max Drucker, as an example. “For any attorneys in the room, I want you to know there’s no need to worry,” Geoff remarked jokingly. “We are very knowledgeable about GDPR, and I made sure to get Max’s consent ahead of time.”

After the demonstration, Geoff emphasized that one of Carpe Data’s strengths is being able to perform the Claims Activity solution at scale for our customers’ entire portfolio of claims.

To see the full video, click here and choose the first video. For those of you attending DIA Munich in November, Geoff Andrews will be there hosting a Carpe Data exhibition booth—make sure to stop by.

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