Meet The Team

Meet the people who make the magic happen at Carpe Data.

Max Drucker

CEO & President

Geoffrey Andrews

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Andrews

SVP, Sales

Mike Nichols

VP, Security and Data Protection Officer

Adam Tashman, PhD

Director, Data Science

Robert Burns

VP, Product

Bryan Babineau

VP, Finance

Josh Odmark

VP, Engineering

Jennifer St. James

Director, Marketing & Communications

Alexis Leitner

Finance Lead

Amber Menzel

Customer Service Representative

Avani Rathod

Senior Data Analyst

Brett Carpenter

Project Manager

Alex Binaei

Junior Data Scientist

Ashley Fong

Client Solutions Manager

Aysha Tate

Client Solutions Specialist

Wade Sherman

Software Engineer

Brian Anderson

Senior Software Engineer

Ian McLeod

Director, Product Delivery

Cindy Cassata

Product Leader

Connor Winship

Office Administrator

Crystal Zhang

Junior Data Scientist

Eli O'Donohue

Research and Development Engineer

Jacy Cesar

Quality Assurance Analyst

Efrain Olivares

Senior Data Engineer

Thomas Simons

Data Analyst

Justin Flair

Product Delivery Engineer

Kat Faverova

Product Delivery Engineer

Logan Brown

Data Quality Analyst

Matt McLaughlin

Director, Technology

Navjot Brar

International Product Lead

Ryan Hoffman

Quality Assurance Engineer

Richard Moody

Product Delivery Engineer

Kait Joven

Product Delivery Team Lead

Heondo Kim

Data Analyst

Patrick Sullivan

Account Executive

Leanne Eckelberg

Account Executive

David Ensor

Product Delivery Engineer

John Pagliaro

Account Executive

Join Our Team

At Carpe Data, we’re always looking for new talent to add to our diverse and growing team. If you’re interested in immersing yourself in an innovative company with a fantastic culture and feel like you have something great to bring to the table, then we want to hear from you!