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Carpe Data Appoints Anita Tulsiani as Company’s First Chief Marketing Officer

Tulsiani brings over 12 years of insurance experience and a fresh perspective during pivotal industry evolution

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Carpe Data, a next-generation provider of innovative, emerging and alternative data products for the insurance industry, today announced the appointment of Anita Tulsiani as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer to help accelerate company growth and bring a diverse perspective to the industry during a time of extraordinary change. Tulsiani was officially welcomed into the role in October 2022 and will be responsible for strengthening Carpe Data’s brand, building upon its value proposition and sharing with the industry the importance of leveraging real-time data and predictive analytics tools to help insurers surmount the big market forces ahead.

“From reconciling the challenges of an unpredictable economy to navigating increasing loss severity due to social inflation and operational risk, the industry is rapidly evolving, and both carriers and insuretechs alike need to adapt in tandem,” said Max Drucker, CEO of Carpe Data. “Insurers are increasingly relying on external data as insurance enters the next major phase of its evolution. We’ve seen that marketing and diverse leadership have proven to be two of the most influential factors in driving acceptance of fundamental changes and growth, so we’re excited to welcome Anita into this newly created role.”

Tulsiani’s passion for insurance marketing stems from the endless opportunities for industry-wide innovation and finding ways to connect the customer to the brand via compelling storytelling. In her new role with Carpe Data, she believes there’s an opportunity to transform marketing’s traditional role and instead leverage it as a powerful educational tool, used to enlighten customers on technology that empowers insurers to build resilience in the face of the unpredictability. As Carpe Data’s first woman in a C-suite level role with the company, Tulsiani is equipped to approach both storytelling and problem-solving with a unique perspective that appeals to the diverse customer base Carpe Data serves.

“Women, especially women of various ethnicities, are often underrepresented in the insurance industry,” said Tulsiani. “As a first-generation daughter to Indian parents, I hope to inspire other women of varying backgrounds to pursue a career in insurance, especially as representation is key to progression – it unlocks fresh ideas, fuels innovation and accelerates improvement. We need as much perspective and insight as possible to serve a market that exists to protect incredibly diverse business communities.”

Tulsiani brings over 12 years of experience to Carpe Data and a deep knowledge of the industry gained from working with CoreLogic, a property data and analytics company. Prior to CoreLogic, she spent 15 years in high-technology marketing for both Dell and AMD. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business and her master’s in business administration from St. Edward’s University.

About Carpe Data

Carpe Data is the next-generation data company for insurance, transforming emerging data into predictive and actionable insights that enable automation and improve insurance outcomes across the policy lifecycle. Already well known for its claims automation technology, Carpe Data also provides small commercial insurers with advanced classification, risk characteristics, and predictive scores for more than 45 million businesses across the United States. Based in Santa Barbara, Carpe Data employs nearly 150 people across the US, UK, and Portugal who are committed to helping insurers achieve peak efficiency while supporting superior claims and underwriting experiences.

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