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More so now than ever, automation is vital. Carpe Data is the solution for insurers ready to take it to the next level.


Small Business Data for Insurance

The Minerva data suite delivers relevant, accurate and predictive data to insurance carriers which allows them to better classify and evaluate commercial businesses. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your core processing systems, Minerva includes three proprietary data products that each deliver significant value. However, when utilized together they form a more complete picture that empowers your insurance lifecycle strategy.


The Right Touch, Every Time

Enabling insurance carriers to more effectively handle claims, ClaimsX provides dynamic and predictive data about a claimant to inform and accelerate the claims handling process. Focusing on three unique value propositions, ClaimsX integrates into your current core systems to enrich claimant profiles, automate decisioning and proactively monitor claims from FNOL through settlements.

"Allstate is always searching for better ways to leverage the power of data to improve our claim process... Carpe Data helps support Allstate’s ongoing efforts to seamlessly integrate data to help our people make the best, most accurate and timely decisions."

Glenn Shapiro, President, Personal Property-Liability Allstate

"Carpe Data provides an opportunity to integrate even more data elements into our underwriting system... This partnership aligns with The Hartford’s history of building the best quoting process and of providing fast, accurate business intelligence to our agents."

John Russo, Head of Small Commercial Underwriting Practices The Hartford

“By integrating new data elements from Carpe Data into our insurance programs for small businesses, we can better understand the challenges faced by business owners and identify options to address their commercial insurance needs.”

Sharon Fernandez, President of Business Insurance Farmers Insurance

"Carpe Data is the latest addition to Zurich’s ongoing innovation programs focused on transforming the future of insurance...[Carpe Data] supports Zurich’s ongoing efforts to improve the claimant experience by expediting low-risk claims, and by providing new insights to help our people make informed, accurate, and timely decisions."

Scott Clayton, Head of Claims Fraud Zurich UK

"Carpe Data has been a great partner in helping us strengthen the claims handling process...ClaimsX helps [us] continue to meet our goals of increased efficiency, reduced potential fraud and improved customer experiences.”

Douglas L. Kratzer, Vice President, Claims The Hanover

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