Claims Activity

The ballooning cost of claims is no joke. We continually search and analyze social and web data to find "needle-in-a-haystack" insights of actionable claimant activity.

What It Is

Claims Activity performs the search and analysis of highly impactful social and web data.

It monitors and finds the “needle in a haystack” to provide relevant, actionable claimant activity.

Why It Matters

Leveraging social data sources is a must for the modern insurer:

  • It influences claims investigation and handling
  • Its efficient use impacts the ultimate claim cost

The challenge: Identity resolution and sifting through a mountain of data.

The answer: Carpe Data provides the most efficient and proven solution to realize the potential of alternative data.

The monthly impact of claims activity processing efficiency is at least 10x ROI.

How It Works

  • Pictured in Valentine’s Day swing dance at local restaurant site
  • Noted on neighborhood blog as winning the Easter Egg Roll contest
  • Posted about enjoying a big family picnic
  • Finishing time in the Turkey Trot 5K

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