Property & Casualty

Next Generation Data

Next Generation Data

Social media and online data gives P&C insurers powerful information previously unavailable to enhance pricing, underwriting, payment plan offerings, and numerous additional areas.

Our unique data sources, gathered utilizing proprietary technology, allows carriers to

  • – Prefill underwriting and firmographic data;
  • – Validate agent or insured data input;
  • – Remove the need for supplemental underwriting questions by accessing discrete custom data points that are relevant to the carrier;
  • – Generate predictive business risk scores.
Risk Scores

Business Risk Scores

Carpe Data’s Risk Scores are designed to meet the unique challenges that accompany business risk assessment. Social and web data can provide unique underwriting insight into small and micro businesses that cannot be scored using traditional commercial credit based models. This enables insurers to accurately qualify and price risks, win profitable business and help alleviate loss ratio pressure. Carpe Data identifies risks specific to business type through customized algorithms and provides real-time results based on online content rules engines.

Business risk scores are available for

  • – Retail
  • – Restaurants
  • – Beauty & Spa
  • – Health & Fitness
  • – Auto Repair
  • – Bars & Clubs
  • – Travel & Hotel
  • – General Business Risk Score

Carpe Data can help carriers access unique online data sources and social media to gain a competitive advantage and reduce expensive traditional third party data costs.