Our Products

Our data products provide a broader perspective on risk profiles than traditional data points alone. Each product can be used independently, or together in various use cases throughout the insurance life cycle. Totally up to you.

Risk Characteristics

Basic demographic and firmographic data that is useful for pre-fill and enables search and verification of more complex data products.

Standard underwriting questions plus deeper attributes about a risk with a confidence level based on source, context, and data science prediction of presence.

Next Generation Indexes

A suite of indexes targeting dimensions of risk that can be tuned by segment and location.

Cleans and normalizes data that can be sparse, noisy, biased, unstructured, or redundant.


    An entity’s entire online presence based on social media, availability of contact information, popularity, and outreach.


    The online reputation of a commercial entity. Website ranking and popularity, with complaints and praise included.

    Health & Safety

    Captures the level of health and safety risks at the location.

    Customer Review

    Represents a commercial risk based on satisfaction with the business, emphasizing customer reviews.


    Based on location, physical structure with hours, area crime, and other companies at the same address.

Predictive Scores

Our predictive scores forecast specific outcomes.

For example, we trained a loss propensity model from the loss history of over 200,000 restaurants in the U.S. to predict the likelihood of loss within a year.