Personal Lines

Carpe Data - Car Insured

Auto Loss Score

Carpe Data’s Auto Loss Score utilizes social and online data to segment risk and determine loss potential. Our scoring algorithm is custom-tailored to employ data elements that are highly predictive in determining risk and loss potential as they relate to Personal Auto Insurance.

Carpe Data - Retention Image

Retention Score

Our Retention Score enables Carriers in Personal Lines of Business to resolve a customer’s retention likelihood, utilizing real-time online data. This risk score is built specifically to gauge retention as it relates to the unique needs of automobile, property, home, and other personal insurance.

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Home Inspection Avoidance Score

Carpe Data’s Home Inspection Avoidance Score enables risk assessment through the utilization of social media and other online data. Carriers can assess applicants in real-time, allowing them to avoid incurring the cost of physical home inspections for individuals with good scores.

Carpe Data - Conencting Home Gadgets

Home Connect

Our dashboard consolidates data from devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) with a singular API to Insurance Carriers. Within this core platform, users can add and remove any number of connected devices, view data, and export as needed.

Carpe Data - Image For Insight

Customer Insight

Using Carpe Data’s entity resolution technology (patent-pending), organizations can gain powerful insight into leads, customers, and other individuals of interest. Our data science-backed algorithms scour the web, aggregating online and social media data in an automated fashion to provide valuable information for organizational leverage. Carpe Data’s Customer Insight allows users to understand their clientele and target market quickly and in real-time.
Top carriers are already utilizing online and next generation data to their advantage, employing the information to better attract and serve their customer base.

– Identify customers with large social media followings
– Connect leads with agents who have similar interests
– Utilize next generation data to make great connections
– Pinpoint “influences” and leverage intelligence
– Easily system integration via API
– Option to utilize Social Intelligence’s Customer Insight user interface

Carpe Data - Image for Fraud Scoring

Fraud Score

Carpe Data’s real-time predictive fraud scores assess risk during claims filing, determining the likelihood of a fraudulent claim based on a claimant’s online presence. By using social and online data, Insurers can reduce cost while detecting fraud risk.

  • – Obtain relevant results in real-time
  • – Avoid unnecessary investigations
  • – Route claims more effectively