Life & Disability

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Lead Qualification Score

Our Lead Qualification Score assesses applicants in real-time based on their online data. Social data characteristics are incorporated in the point of sale process to segment risks, allowing for identification of individuals more likely to qualify for target programs. Applicants are assigned scores that correspond with their likelihood of qualification, allowing Carriers to make informed decisions and segment risk into specific programs.

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Vital Status

Leveraging proprietary data aggregation technology, Carpe Data identifies and mines publicly available online obituary data sourced from across the web. Vital Status provides carriers with an expansive and inexpensive means to update, supplement, and strengthen death master record data with up-to- date mortality data.

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Life Events

Carpe Data’s Life Events product allows Carriers to obtain real-time alerts for significant life events. Insurers can re-engage with customers as their insurance needs change based on an important event, enabling better coverage and customer service. Receive notifications for milestones such as:                        
-Pregnancy/Child Birth
-Job Change
-Home Purchase